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How to save energy by installing solar panels at home

Self-consumption of domestic solar energy is consolidating in Florida. The new photovoltaic solutions for homes can be adjusted to different needs and pockets. In addition, it is a sustainable and profitable alternative, very interesting from an environmental point of view, because it reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, so firms such as El Corte Inglés or Leroy Merlin, among others, are betting heavily on this revolution.

Solar Power


Florida is the sunniest state in the United States, with an average of 2,500 hours of sunshine, although the demand for solar energy only reaches 30%, making it a source of electricity with immense potential in our country.

Solar Power Eco offers photovoltaic solar energy kits to get you started in self-consumption with various proposals with different quantities of solar panels. It also offers a service of installation of panels in your home, with free quote.

Solar Power Eco encourages you to generate your own energy with a solar plant to receive up to 50% subsidy with Next Generation funds, a deduction of the IRPF (up to 60%), a bonus of the IBI (which can reach 50%) and a reduction in the Tax on Constructions, Installations and Works, which is close to 95%.

Betting on solar energy

Save on your electricity bill by using this sustainable alternative, in fact it is one of the keys to having a more efficient home. Solar energy is free and unlimited and is used through photovoltaic solar panels. The essential requirements for the installation of solar panels at home are: to have a suitable roof that is in good condition, an optimal orientation towards the sun and to comply with current regulations.

The solar panels are installed on the part of the building where they receive the most solar radiation, usually the roof of the house. The number of solar panels in each installation is determined by the use or function that the energy fulfills, so in each case it will be necessary to observe the power, the budget, the frigories and the budget of the consumer.

What is photovoltaic solar energy?

With solar panels you can obtain thermal energy to heat water or photovoltaic energy, which is used to generate electricity.

The supply reaches the grid and the owner sells the surplus self-consumption produced by his panel to the electricity company, so it will have a direct impact on greater profitability and will increase the savings on the electricity bill month by month. What is proven is that the costs in the electricity bill are achieved from the first day of the use of the photovoltaic system.

Advantages of solar panels

  • Solar energy savings. Investing in these solar panels can generate savings in the electricity bill of a house. Although the initial investment may be high, solar panels can save up to 3o% of the annual investment, although it is usual that the expenditure is reduced between 15% and 20%. In the case of its use to generate air conditioning, according to Gana Energía, savings of up to 90% are achieved.
  • Maintenance of solar panels. They do not need a rigorous care and resist the inclemencies of the climatology because they are made of very resistant materials. They are not delicate, but to maintain their energy efficiency they need to remove dust and other debris from the surface, about two or three times a year.
  • Service life of the plates. For example, the Ikea Solstråle and Solstråle Plus range guarantees a minimum of 10 years of use and the solar panels for photovoltaic self-consumption can exceed 30 years. In addition, lithium batteries offer the possibility of storing energy for a longer period of time so that it can be used at night.
  • Self-consumption energy. Sustainability and renewable energies are becoming increasingly important in the public and private sectors, so consumers benefit from tax rebates and subsidies, including possible coverage of up to 40% of the cost of the photovoltaic installation.
  • CO2 emissions. More than 2,000 kilograms of this gas will not reach the atmosphere.
  • Sustainable energy. The escalation of gas prices and the limited consumption of fossil fuels has allowed a great advance in the technology that supports solar energy and has become one of the most developed and reliable. If you are still thinking about it, you can test its efficiency with a company like Otovo, which allows the user to acquire its solar panels on a rental basis.

El Corte Inglés solar panels

The proposal of El Corte Inglés is based on domestic energy self-consumption solutions through the installation of photovoltaic panels. The initiative will promote energy savings in homes and will be carried out by its integral decoration service: Solar Power Eco.

Other firms have launched themselves into self-consumption. USA Energy Solutions facilitates and centralizes the process for a photovoltaic installation. In fact, it is the only platform that compares offers, advises and accompanies property owners during the process of installing solar panels.

Solar Power Eco’s solar panels are a photovoltaic system that offers a turnkey solution for domestic solar energy. Objective? To turn rooftops and roofs into renewable energy stations by means of two systems that cover different needs, which you can discover in our article on the Solar Power Eco and Solar Power Eco Plus solar energy range.

Both can be installed on flat and pitched roofs. Solar Power Eco is the simplest and most affordable option, suitable for small homes with low daytime consumption. It guarantees a high rate of return (up to 340 watts peak power per panel).

Solar Power Eco Plus includes even more powerful panels (390 watts peak power per panel). Best for large houses.